I am a Sweat Therapist

I am a Sweat Therapist

It is a bold claim, but I am making it.

I am more than a Personal Trainer. My job is so much more than standing over a client, screaming in their face Jillian Michaels style demanding more pushups. (My style is slightly passive aggressive and involves a lot of smiling. But I digress.) Some days we (my clients and I) work through some pretty big problems on the gym floor.

Some days, these clients of mine come in for a workout with a lot on their mind. The workout is the last place they want to be, but it is the only place they need to be right now. I can see it in their eyes on these days. I know this is gonna be sooooooo much more than a workout. This is gonna be Sweat Therapy.

We head into the private training studio, close the door and start to work it out.

I have learned over the years on these days that my job is to just get them moving and shut up.

So I do.

We lunge and squat and lift heavy things as the conversation flows. We chat about loss of parents, grandparents and children. We chat about the job that they hate or the latest argument they had with their teenager. We chat and work. Chat and sweat. Lots and lots of sweat.(I can’t help but notice how much they can lift when they are stressed by the way). I have learned that the harder they work, the more their problems fade away.

Then somewhere along the line there is a shift. My super wound up client takes a breath. She tells me “how bad she wanted to cancel today” but that she “really needed this.”

I tell her how happy I am to help her work through it. And it’s the truth. I seriously dig my job. Sometimes its not the “mind blowing” tranformations that my clients make that keep me going. It’s the little transformations that I see happening on the gym floor each and every time we meet for a workout. Many a world problem has been solved on the gym floor in a pool of sweat. I am so grateful to be a part of this transformation.

I love being a Sweat Therapist.

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