Top 10 Healthy Convenience Foods

It’s no secret that if you want to see results from your workouts, you have to eat clean. We know what to eat but actually DOING this is a whole other story We are busy. We are tired. Our kids demand food the second you are in the door. The drive thru is looking pretty appealing right now.

Eating healthy requires a bit of effort. It just does. Real food takes more time to cook and prep but it makes you feel and look like a million bucks (not like the food coma you get from your bucket of grease drive thru delight). However, I have learned a few tips and tricks over the years to make healthy eating a little bit easier. Here is a list of my top 10 Healthy “convenience” foods that you can use when you are in a rush.

1) Larabars- great portable yummy goodness. Made with dates and nuts and that’s pretty much it. Throw them in your purse for a quick energy boost

2) Nuts and Seeds- I literally always have a bag of almonds in my car or purse in case I get a case of the Hangries. 15-20 is a perfect serving size. A couple of tbsp of pumpkin or sunflower seeds can fit into a tiny little container (like these ones from Tupperware or System To Go) but they contain huge energy boosting power.

3) Flavoured Tuna- Cloverleaf makes some great flavours of these portable protein wonders. Flavours range from Tomato and Basil, Lemon and Dill or even plain in Olive Oil. Pull the tab open pour over your salad for a quick and easy lunch.

4) PC Flavoured Quinoa: Available in Roasted Garlic and Herb or Vegetable. Some may argue that you can season your own quinoa (and you can) but when you have worked a long day and your kids are hungry, this requires no effort for a quick and tasty side dish.

5) Hand Fruit- Honestly it can’t get any simpler than grabbing a no muss no fuss piece of fruit. Bananas, apples and oranges and pears are portable and mess free. Pack a few pieces to keep your energy up for a busy day.

6) Veggie/Fruit Trays- My brother has 3 girls under the age of 5. It’s nuts over there. They buy these often. Yes you pay a bit more for the fact that someone else has done the prep work but there is value in YOUR time. Plus since they are “ready to go”, you are more likely to actually EAT your fruits and veggies (and so will your family)

7) Pre made Salads- Your local grocery store most likely stocks up on pre-made salads complete with protein and dressings. Grab one on your way to work for a yummy and healthy lunch.

8) Vega One Meal Replacement Shakes- Put a scoop in your water or almond milk, shake it up and go. Stupid Easy. No more excuses about breakfast people. Vega products are literally made with real food and most importantly they don’t have any added junk. Check out to find out which product works best for you.

9) Frozen Veggies- Heat and serve. No chopping or washing required. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The good news is that frozen veggies have been picked at their ripest and flash frozen so they still contain a high nutrient content

10) Rotisserie Chicken- Grab one of these babies from your local grocery store along with some frozen veggies or a pre-made green salad and dinner is served. Plus you can use any leftovers to make soup or wraps for another lunch or dinner.

Life is busy but your health doesn’t need to suffer because of it. Stock up on some of these staples to make healthy eating a whole lot easier.

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