"I'm just the Fat girl": Lee-Anne's Story

I'm so darn proud of this girl my heart is bursting! Lee-Anne was one of my biggest skeptics when we started working together in July. She wanted a guarantee on results. She wanted to know that my plan would work for her because she was sick and tired of the weight loss game. While I am confident in what I do I can never make any "guarantees". So I simply told her that "the plan works but only if you do the work." And work she did. Read more about her personal healthy journey. I hope she inspires you to let go of your excuses and self imposed limitations. Great job Lee-Anne!

"I'm just the fat girl, I've accepted it".

"What's the point of losing the weight, it'll pile back on for no reason again".

"But this giant bag of mini eggs is SO worth it".

"My kids are in a phase that's so busy, I don't have time for ME".

"Being told that I need to lose weight, gives me anxiety and hopelessness, instead of motivation and encouragement".

"I'll take care of myself soon, I'm still doing ok for now".

"Maybe if I go off of my medication, I can cope with the pain and finally lose the weight".

"My separation made me want to eat to cope".

"My divorce made me gain the weight".

All of these have been said by me and more. I've felt like and been observed to be the "fat girl" for more than half of my life. Whether you believe you are the "fat girl", eat like you are one, listen to what other say as if you are one, or see what's in the media about "How to lose the weight while X, Y, or Z", there comes to a point in your life, where the things that you've tried to make excuses for, need to stop.

In June, my sister mentioned in passing, about "Fit in 6", a program recommended to her by my Sister-In-Law. Her friend Kim was running a 6 week fitness program, that included a meal plan and a weekly exercise program. She encouraged me to join them, as it could be "fun" that we were all doing it together. Reluctantly, (you can ask Kim!) I agreed to try it and gave it a chance. I had been trying to lose weight on my own since March, and it was a slow and discouraging process. I was at my highest weight (I wasn't even this heavy pregnant) and I was more embarrassed by the number on the scale, than my actual body. I'm a BIG believer in being comfortable in your own body, no matter the size, but I had become so uncomfortable inside and out, it was time.

I remember the notification coming up in the Trainerize App to take my measurements, weigh myself and take photos. Not wanting my 4 year old to take them at some horrific angle, I approached my sister-in-law to help me.

She took and wrote down my measurements, took my photos and after, I remember checking in with my sister and saying, "40lbs. I need to lose 40lbs". To which she replied, "I don't think you need to lose that much". But I did.

Since July, I have done two rounds of Fit in 6 and one month of personal training with Kim. I have recommended family and friends to put their faith in her program, because not only did she help me lose weight and inches (and we're going to continue to push hard to lose the rest together), but I have found a passion for pushing myself HARD while exercising and haven't had a medication change for my thyroid in 3 months. I've learned a proper balance in what I should eat throughout the day, choosing healthy snacks to power myself with more energy and have found a better awareness of my body's limits. I think that my biggest challenge, will always be balance. Mentally, physically and through my eating habits . I expected weight loss to be near impossible (and openly told Kim that), having tried and tried alone, with minimal success. But she helped me prove that wrong. She encouraged me, without pressuring me. She listened hard if I struggled and helped me change anything in the plan that needed to be changed. She is the person who tells me that "You are not the fat girl", and even if I've gained a pound that week, I still believe her. She helped me LOVE weights. LOVE hamstring curls. Encourage me through burpees- which I will never be able to do to save my life, but my kids think it's hilarious when I try! I gave her a goal to complete ONE 5K run by the end of the summer. I've completed 6, three, with one or both of my kids in tow.

Through the meal plan provided, I have learned to adapt, change and suit things to my needs, schedule and crazy kids. Instead of telling myself "I don't like that option, I'll just run out and get lunch at the drive-thru", I take the basic principle, swap in things that I like more and batch cook. My first round of Fit in 6, I followed the meal plan 98% of the time, it worked. My second round, I took the principles and did what worked for me. It's the reason I love and recommend the program so much.

It's a lifestyle change. It's without gimmicks. Without "products". It's you, at home, with Kim "by your side" and the ability to grocery shop those gorgeous outer aisles, giving everyone cart envy. With the weather cooling, I've become a soup junkie, making sure to use the basic principles Kim has taught us to have the most filling and nutrient dense meal possible. It's adaptable. It's a plan that alongside the programs exercises, can be successful while in the program, or on your own after completion.

Being completely honest, having two very busy boys (4.5 years old and 2.5 years old), being a single parent and having issues with my health, some days were hard and some days were easy. But the biggest thing that I've learned whether it's a hard day or an easy day, is that in the end, people can praise you and encourage you, people can notice a change in you, people can criticize you or be that extra push for you. But it's your body, your dedication to Kim's programs and your belief that you are worth it, that will make you want a better you for YOU.

Because Kim has taught me that your "number" doesn't matter and hard work should be praised...

Starting weight: 194 lbs

Current weight: 166 lbs

Goal weight: 155 lbs

Total weight loss since starting with My Fit Coach: 28 lbs

Total inches lost: 20.5 inches

Total inches gained (biceps and calves): 2

Learn more about how Online Fitness Coaching can work for you and the Fit in 6 Challenge. Want a sample day of My Fit Coach's Meal plans? Download your free 3 Step Guide to Belly Fat Freedom to get started on a healthier you today.

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