I've completely changed the way I work out: Lori's story

Today I want to introduce you to my Rock Star Client Lori who has truly embraced the My Fit Coach lifestyle! Despite having a very demanding career and busy family life, Lori has managed to fit in daily home workouts and maintain a healthy, real food diet (with a few indulgences too) since September. I had a chance to ask Lori a few questions about her success. Here's what she had to say about her new found love of strength training, her weight loss and staying committed:

MFC: Lori you have been such a pleasure to work with and I love seeing the progress you are making. Tell us a bit about the My Fit Coach programs you've been using so far.

LP: In the spring of 2016 I made a personal commitment to improve my eating and exercise habits. At that time I was doing cardio and got into a really good routine with exercise, and had made some improvements with my eating.

When I heard about Kim’s Fit in 6 program, it interested me but I was hesitant to sign up because I had been doing well with my own plan and had seen some success with weight loss and my fitness level. However, I continued to be intrigued by her program and decided to try it. Her program completely changed the way that I work out, and also improved my eating habits further.

After finishing Fit in 6 I wanted to continue with Kim’s workouts, so I am currently on my 3rd round of her “Just Sweat” program. With this program Kim sets up an online workout program for me for the month, creating it with feedback from me on length of the workouts, amount of workouts per week, areas that I want to work on, etc.

MFC: That's awesome! So let's talk results...what kind of changes have you seen in your body and general health since starting these programs?

LP: During the Fit in 6 program I lost 10 pounds and many inches, mostly on my waist and chest. The program (along with my continued workouts) have sculpted and changed my body significantly. In addition, I have a lot less headaches than I used to, which is a huge benefit that I did not expect. I also find that my body has less aches and pains, and I am more flexible and much stronger.

MFC: What kind of habits did you pick up from the Fit in 6 and Just Sweat programs that you are using everyday?

LP: I have made exercise part of my routine, and now I cannot imagine not exercising! In the past, I have been hit and miss with workouts, with varying levels of commitment. Now I get up every work morning at 5:45 and knock off my workout before I begin my day. With a busy career and a husband and 6 year old daughter, I do not have much free time to work out, but doing it first thing in the day works for me. Currently I take the weekends off from structured workouts, but try to be as active as I can.

Food wise I have continued to adopt the principles of the Fit in 6 program most of the time. Lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and frequent small meals have become part of my lifestyle, with some indulgences here and there.

MFC: Ok Lori... let's get real here. It can't always be puppies and rainbows! There must have been a few challenges for you. What has been your biggest challenge and how do you work around this?

LP: My biggest challenge is keeping my eating under control. I love chocolate and snacks so I have to really work hard to omit foods that are not great choices. One way that I work around this is to brush my teeth when my daughter goes to bed, which helps me to avoid snacking in the evening.

Meal planning and prep also help me to stay on track with meals. I like to prep food ahead so that weekday meals can be quick and easy. For example, I often cook a number of chicken breasts so that I can have chicken for salads or other meals during the week.

MFC: What did you learn about yourself during these programs? Was there anything that you thought would be REALLY hard that wasn't so bad at all?

LP: I assumed that I would have a hard time staying motivated to work out. However, as Kim will attest I have not missed one workout since starting to work with her in early September. I have made exercise part of my schedule and because of that, it has been easy. I know that if I skip my morning workout I will not want to do it later on, and I will be angry with myself if I don’t do it at all. I love getting it done and going through my day with the knowledge that my exercise is done for that day. Being able to work out in my own home is also a huge factor in my success. I love that I do not need to drive to a gym or exercise at a specific time.

MFC: Yes I will totally back you up on this one. You have not missed a single workout since we started together in September! This is kind of a big deal Lori!

So a big part of your success has been making healthy eating work for your busy family.

What’s your favourite healthy recipe to make on a busy weeknight?

LP: A stir fry is one that works well for us. I can easily go from start to finish in about 20 minutes, so it is quick for a night when we don’t have a lot of time. If I have chicken pre-cooked it is even faster, and I am always sure to have some frozen stir fry veggies in the freezer, just in case I have run out of fresh.

MFC: You've had the unique "pleasure" of doing a whole bunch of my workouts. I know from your messages that you love some exercises and loathe others. What’s your favourite exercise and least favourite...GO!

LP: I like the dumbbell chest press on the exercise ball. I also love the resistance band workout. It is a hard one, but really fun. When my family goes to Florida next month I have asked Kim to include workouts with resistance bands so that I can continue to workout at the Disney resort.

I have really been enjoying the strength training. I got PowerBlocks (dumbbells) for Christmas so it has been great to challenge myself by increasing my weights.

Least favourite exercise? How much room do I have for this one? Ha ha!! Burpees are my least favourite. Ahhh!!!! I just hate them. I also really dislike mountain climbers and push ups. However, with all of these, there is great satisfaction when they are done.

MFC: No one likes Burpees Lori. But I love that you do them anyway!

So now that you've mastered some healthy living habits, What advice would you give to someone who's just starting out on their own Fitness Journey?

LP: You can do it!! Tell yourself that you can do it, and fully commit. If you do Fit in 6, then really do it. Follow the food program, do your workouts, and see what you can accomplish in the program. Don’t just do some of it, do all of it whole heartedly and really push and challenge yourself.

If I can stay committed to exercise and healthy eating, you can too!!

MFC: I couldn't agree more! Congrats on your results Lori and let's keep this going!

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