The Ultimate Workout Playlist for 90's Moms

If you've ever had the joy of trying to run with a discman (it aint easy!) or slow danced to Boyz II Men, this playlist is definitely for you. If you don't know who NKOTB is or have never been scammed by Columbia House Records, you may want to move on.

Music can make even the hardest workout fun when you are listening to songs that take you back to the good old days. I used to make fun of my Mom for listening to her Oldies stations in the car. Now I realize that I am literally exactly the same.

This my friends is how I, a Personal Trainer Mom who grew up in the 90's, power through my hardest workouts. I present to you: The Ultimate Workout playlist for Mom's who grew up in the 90's (1st edition...yup this is only a small slice of my playlist love. There are so many more I wanted to add!)

1. Pump up the Jam -Technotronic

2. It Takes 2: Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock

3. Mama Said Knock You Out: LL Cool J

4. I've Got the Power: Snap

5. It's Like That: Run DMC

6. Now that We Found Love: Heavy D and the Boyz

7. Move This: Technotronic

8. Ice Ice Baby: Vanilla Ice

9. Motownphilly: Boyz II Men

10. Jump: Kris Kross (bonus marks for wearing your workout clothes backwards!)

11. Rhythm Nation: Janet Jackson

12. This is How We Do It: Montell Jordan

13. Let me Clear my Throat: DJ Kool

14. I Wish: Skee-Lo

15: Poisin: Bel Biv DeVoe

16: Good Vibrations: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

17: Jump Around: House of Pain

18: U Can't Touch This: MC Hammer

19. Wiggle It: 2 in a Room

20: Groove is in the Heart: Deee-Lite

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Kim Holmes is a Personal Trainer and the Owner of My Fit Coach. She helps busy women transform their bodies (and minds) through Online Fitness and Nutrition Programs. As a Mom of two young sons, she understands that you don’t have hours to spend at the gym. Her Online Programs are efficient, fun and most importantly, they make fitness fit into your REAL life. Visit her on Facebook and Instagram

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