Prepping your Body for Pregnancy

As a Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach for Busy Moms, one of the things I love to do is introduce you to other people who do the same.

So excited to introduce you to my pal Katie Kahvo today. Katie is a Holistic Nutritionist who works with women trying to get pregnant. She looks at more than just food and nutrition but at the body on a Holistic level. Things like hormones, stress levels, thyroid function all come into play and she is an expert on all those things!

Check out our interview where Katie shares her personal struggle with getting pregnant and why she is so passionate about helping others overcome their fertility struggles.

We also cover:

-Her top tips for every woman (and men) trying to get pregnant right now

-How a woman’s pre-conception health can affect our baby’s long term health

-The importance of eating Fats for hormone health (hallelujah Katie!!)

-Reducing your toxic load, and the lowdown on Organic foods

-reducing processed foods and eating from the outside aisles of the grocery store

-how she’s able to understand her clients having been through her own fertility issues

You can find more info about Katie and her work at including her Free Video: “3 Ways you Can Improve your Fertility” and her Free Facebook Group Fertile Beginnings

Check out the interview below:

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