The Great Pumpkin Workout

Just in time for Halloween, I bring to you The Great Pumpkin Workout!

Cuz why not work out with that heavy round object that we all have sitting on our porch for a month?

Check out the video here for the exercises demos.

Here's the workout for you:

Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps of each. You can use a single dumbbell or medicine ball if you don't have a pumpkin of course:

1) Side Lunges to Overhead Raise

2) Pumpkin Pushups (do 8-10 of these each side unless of course you can do more!)

3) Squat and Press

4) Wood-choppers

5) Lunge with Core Rotation

6) Overhead Pumpkin Extensions

7) Plank Knee Drive with Rotation

Fun Facts and Tips on this workout

1) grab a towel to wipe down your pumpkin. These suckers can get pretty slippery when you bring them indoors

2) My pumpkin weighed 11.9lbs

3) My husband came home from work on filming day and was furious that some punk stole our pumpkin. Turned out it was just his crazy wife trying to get in a workout...

Have a safe, fun and sweaty Halloween from My Fit Coach!

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Kim Holmes is a Personal Trainer and the Owner of My Fit Coach. She helps busy Moms care for their bodies (and minds) through Online Fitness and Nutrition Programs. As a Mom of two young sons, she understands that you don’t have hours to spend at the gym. Her Online Programs are efficient, fun and most importantly, they make fitness fit into your REAL life.

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