The 5 Exercise Tank Top Workout

Well it's February and while it may seem like the days of tank top season are miles away, you can ALWAYS get a head start your "gun sculpting" now. And if you're like the many people who fly south to hit the beach this time of year, this workout is gonna get your upper body strong and sculpted so you can feel amazing rocking your sleeveless dresses and shirts.

Plus did I mention it'll make you super strong AND boost your metabolism? Just sayin'.....

Equipment: Dumbbells (a variety of heavier ones and lighter ones are best)

The Workout:

Perform 3 sets of the following circuit aiming for 12-15 reps (use the heaviest weights you can with good should be struggling for the last few reps) 1) Floor Press in glute bridge 2) Dumbbell Pullover in glute bridge 3) Close Grip pushups 4) Dumbbell 21's ( do 7 curls half way up, then all the way down. Then do 7 curls ALL the way up, halfway down. Then do 7 full curls...this one should burn a bit:) 5) Alternating Shoulder Press

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