The Stupid Simple (and fun) Fitness Game your Kids will love to Play with you

I get asked a lot about how I work out with my kids. And I will be 100 percent honest and tell you that I prefer to do my workout solo because, let's face it, it's my "me time". Call me's how I roll. That being said, I really really do value ANY way I can move with my kids.

When my little guys don't get enough activity, they get grumpy and angsty...which is funny because that is ALSO what happens to me! In the colder months where its difficult to get outside, a Mom has got to have some tricks up her sleeve.

So I created a fun little "fitness-y" game you can play with your kids during colder months or rainy days. The Deck of Cards workout is also a great workout for days when you're able to sweat solo too. Check it out:

The Deck of Cards Workout

Equipment: Your own bodyweight and a deck of playing cards (fun tunes are optional but I recommend them)

Here’s how you play: Grab a deck of cards and assign an exercise or movement to each suit. When you draw a card, do the accompanying exercise for the number of reps listed.

A few quick tips for doing this with your kids:

  • Don't worry about actually getting your own workout here. Just have fun and aim to get everyone moving.

  • You can also let your kids change the exercises to their favourite animal movement...anything to make it fun and get them going.

  • Let the kids pick up the cards on their own. If they're like mine, yours will dig feeling like they're running the show.

  • Their favourite tunes (or yours) are essential. Put on a mix that the whole family loves and let the games begin!

And if you're like me and you really want to get your own workout but don't have a ton of time, check out the FREE 5 Days to Fit Challenge. An Online Home Workout and Nutrition Program designed to help busy Moms get Strong and fit in 30 minutes or less without even leaving their own living room.

Kim Holmes is a Personal Trainer and the Owner of My Fit Coach. She helps busy Moms care for their bodies (and minds) through Online Fitness and Nutrition Programs. As a Mom of two young sons, she understands that you don’t have hours to spend at the gym. Her Online Programs are efficient, fun and most importantly, they make fitness fit into your REAL life.

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