10 Healthy Snacks for the On-the Go Mom

As a Mom you are BUSY! You're responsible for a lot of things including looking after yourself AND the lives of your little people crew. Your typical day goes something like this:

  • coffee (maybe by yourself but often with kids...hopefully by yourself if you can get up early enough)

  • feed kids and hopefully you

  • drive kids places

  • work

  • squeeze in a 20 minute workout (if all the stars are aligned)

  • pick up kids from various places

  • feed kids something that is healthy but quick and will not make you late for the places they need to be

  • take kids more places

  • Dinner that hopefully everyone will eat

  • bath

  • bed

  • crash on the couch and hope to stay awake for longer than 10 minutes of your current Netflix bingeworthy show

you get the idea!

A busy lady has GOT to eat in order to keep up with the demands of the everyday. I mean THAT is a busy day!

I recommend the average woman eats 3 meals and 2-3 snacks to keep her energy levels high AND to keep your metabolism firing on all four cylinders. Aim to eat something every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid the "I could and WILL eat a horse" feeling.

I also recommend making sure to have a "combo" style snack that combines either protein or fat (think nuts and seeds) with a healthy carb (like fruit or veggies). The combination of the two will keep you fuller longer AND keep your blood sugar from crashing (see the horse comment earlier). Here are a few portable healthy snack ideas to help you keep up with the demands of your cray cray busy day:

10 On the Go Snack Ideas you can Throw in your Purse or Diaper Bag:

1) Apple and almonds (15-20 nuts is roughly a serving) You could also sub another fruit and nut of your choice. (Sub 2tbsp of sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds to make it nut free)

2) Make your own trail mix with 1/4 cup whole grain cereal, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds, 3 dried apricots or a small handful of raisins. Get crazy organized and make a big batch, pre-package and grab on your way out the door.

3) Bars Bars and more Bars: Larabars, Vega, Naked or Simply bars are a few of my faves since they don't have a lot of extra junk added to them.

4) Veggie Sticks with hummus or guacamole (you can grab mini packs of both at your grocery store or even Costco)

5) 1 Scoop of Protein Powder and water in a shaker cup ( I am a little obsessed with Vega One, Chocolate flavour right now). Shake and simple

6) 1 Babybel Cheese with grapes or berries. This simple combo of healthy carbs and protein will taste great and give you instant energy

7) Can of mini tuna and rice crackers. Brands like Cloverleaf sell mini flavoured tuna cans that are super tasty, portable and rich in protein

8) Home Made Energy Balls like this one from The Nutritionnaire

9) Celery and nut butter. You can also use pumpkin seed butter or sunbutter for a nut free option. Ants on a log style with raisins is optional:)

10) Mama Chia Squeeze Packs- like your kids baby food but for grown ups! Packs a powerful punch of fiber and omega 3's for a quick and portable energy boost.

For more healthy meal and snack ideas, check out my 5 Days to Fit Program. It's a FREE Home Workout Program and Meal Plan for Moms who are short on time...designed by a Mom who gets it.

Discover the secret to getting strong and sculpted in less than 30 minutes a day WITHOUT leaving your own living room!

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