Spring Clean your Fitness Routine: Simple Workout change ups that deliver BIG results

While we jump into a new season, everyone and their dog is itching to get back into fitness. As a trainer...I am a big fan!

And since spring is the season of change, perhaps it’s time to consider tweaking a few things in your fitness routine.

Sometimes something that worked for you 5 years ago may not be working for you anymore. Or perhaps you’re getting injured and need to make some changes to protect your bod. Either way, change can be good. Here are a few ways to shake up your Spring Fitness Routine so YOU can start seeing big results!

Pick Up Some Big Girl Weights

If you’ve been lifting the same 5 lbs dumbbells for 5 years, it’s probably time (nope scratch that, DEFINITELY) time for a change!

As a group fitness instructor of over 14 years, I see the same people come into class and grab the same pair of dumbbells for YEARS. These same people often become frustrated when they aren’t seeing changes.

I get that it can be scary to increase your weights. You may be afraid of overdoing it or bulking up but I assure you it won’t happen. And if you’re not seeing results, you really have nothing to lose right?

You’ve gotta make changes to see changes.

You see, when you lift weights that are too light you aren’t really engaging the muscle groups you’re trying to hit.

When you increase your resistance, you recruit more muscle fibres helping you to build that strong body you’re looking for. You’ll know you’ve got the right weight if you feel like you can’t do another rep at the end of a set.

The bonus of lifting heavier weights is that you’ll start to see more definition and muscle tone. You’ll also increase your metabolism and turn into a calorie torching machine!

One Caveat here: Don’t go heavier unless you can perform the exercise with proper form. Quality over quantity ALWAYS!

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Get Some Sweet new kicks

When was the last time you bought some new running shoes? If it’s been over a year, you may wanna hit the mall.

It’s recommended that you replace your kicks when they’ve covered between 300-400 miles. If you’re not a runner, this is the equivalent of around 100-130 workouts. That’s around 10 months if you’re working out 3 times a week for around 30 minutes.

Your shoes may look totally fine on the outside but the support system may be completely broken down. You’ll know it’s time to get new shoes if you’re constantly getting injured. Issues like knee pain and shin splints are the most common places you’ll feel pain first. If you start to feel pain, go buy the shoes! You only have one body...protect it!

To lengthen the life of your shoes, buy two pairs and alternate them between workouts. Your joints will thank you for it!

Cut the Cardio (well at least back anyhow)

Now before you jump for joy here, I still recommend you do some...just less of it. Cardio workouts are great for increasing your aerobic endurance and for decreasing your stress relief. The problem is that we often do too much cardio and not enough strength training.

When you do long bouts of cardio (think 60 minutes or more) your body responds by releasing a stress hormone called cortisol. This fun little hormone likes to pack fat around your middle and make it difficult for you to sleep at night….awesome right?! WRONG!

In addition to the hormonal roller coaster ride it can take you on, excess cardio can actually decrease your metabolism. Too much cardio and no weight training can actually break down your muscle tissue which is the lifeblood of your metabolism. So sad!

Aim to do 2-3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Cardio Sessions a week instead. The shorter workouts will keep your hormones in check but the higher intensity level will boost your endurance. And to keep your metabolism firing high, be sure to add some resistance training into the mix 2-3 times a week.

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Mind your Behind

It’s easy to forget to train the back of your body since we don’t see it! Most people focus on training the muscles we CAN see like shoulders, quads and abs. And while you still want to keep doing that, I highly recommend showing that backside some love.

The muscles on the back of your body (also referred to as your Posterior Chain) consist of your upper back, lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. If we only train the muscles on the front half of our bodies, we run the risk of injury. Aint nobody got time for that!

We live in a world where we sit a lot. When we do this, our hips become tight and shortened and our glutes, low back and hamstrings get weak. To create a strong injury proof body, try exercises like the Stiff Legged Deadlift to strengthen your back half.

The other bonus to training your back half? A tighter butt... You can thank me later.

Try something NEW!

The same way that you get bored with the same old workout, so does your body. Your body wants to be challenged and try new and exciting stuff. AND when you challenge it in different ways, you’ll invite new muscle groups to the party!

Try rock climbing or that hip hop dance class you keep checking out (or is that just me?!). Just because you do it once doesn’t mean you have to commit to doing it forever. Try something new to give your fitness routine a little shake up to keep things fresh and exciting.

The Bonus to this is that you may find something that you LOVE to do which will make fitness so much more fun.

Ready to try something new?

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You in?

Cool let’s do this!!!

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