Fit in 6 Challenge

Are You a busy Mom who can’t find time to work out?


Are you tired of feeling like your body belongs to someone else?


Do you feel like you make time for everyone else but not yourself?



I can help!

As a Personal Trainer and Mom of 2 small boys, I know firsthand what it’s like to juggle work, mommin’ and oh yeah, trying to stay fit. I know what it’s like to have a body that you don’t recognize. I gained and lost 35lbs with each of my pregnancies while working out 4-5 times a week for only 30 minutes a day and eating real food from the grocery store.


Now I want to help YOU do the same with my Fit in 6 Program

With the Fit in 6 Program you will finally be able to:


  • Melt stubborn belly fat and inches off your waist, hips and thighs


  • Lose up to 12lbs


  • Gain beautifully sculpted muscles from head to toe


  • Eliminate guesswork on workouts and meal planning


  • Quit fad diets! Eat real food (that tastes good too!) from the grocery store


  • Have energy to play with your kids and finish your daily tasks plus some


  • Feel CONFIDENT about your body again (don’t be surprised if this translates into other areas of your life too…it always does!)



















Here is what is included in Your Fit in 6 Package:

  • 6 weeks of efficient, do anywhere fat burning workouts designed specifically for women’s bodies.


  • A 6 week done for you Meal Plan complete with easy and delicious recipes, grocery lists, an in depth food guide to clean eating


  • Your very own Trainerize App that allows you to track and view your workouts, progress photos and measurements on the go 


  • Facebook Live Group Q&A session so you can connect with Kim AND your group and ask any questions that you may have along your 6 week journey

  • Access to the Private Facebook Community "My Fit Club". Share your success and get support from a community of like minded women


  • Weekly Video messages from me to keep you motivated and on track


  • Email support and 100% commitment from a Personal Trainer with over 13 years experience with helping REAL women achieve REAL results

Here's what people are saying about the program:

Kim, I just want to thank you for the major kick in of my metabolism! I am literally insatiable between 1-3pm and have had to add in an extra snack. My doctor is also beyond ecstatic, as my thyroid has now been normal for 5 weeks and I officially hit past the 20lb/half way goal that I started in March! So thank you! It's working. All of it!



"I went back to work after maternity leave this week and the first morning one of my co workers exclaimed... "how is it possible to come back to work after having two kids looking like that?"    

  - Jennifer 

"Your challenge helped me with being more aware of the different reasons why I didn't make fitness a priority. Now I cannot wait to be able to have my next workout. I find myself looking forward to the feeling I get after a challenging workout to know that I'm becoming stronger and healthier. Lets not forget the incfuence Ill have on my kids either."


"The first "Fit in 6" resulted in a 7 lb weight loss with I can't even remember how many inches (a lot) lost. Besides that I actually began loving eating "real" and having my meals and snacks planned ahead of time. My kids started wanting to "do my workouts" with me and even my husband lost TWENTY lbs over the 6 weeks simply by eating the dinners I cooked and not snacking in the evenings. When the program ended I knew I wanted to keep it up - I felt GOOD! Comfortable in my clothes and in my skin! "



"Exercise is a huge challenge for me. I must admit I feel much better since I started your program. Drinking more water is the key and now I realize I was eating all the wrong foods. I feel less bloated and more energetic. Thanks Kim for all you do to help us stay healthy!"


"Overall I am just feeling better. I have more energy, I move easier, and I have a more positive feeling about my appearance. I don't have the desire to binge, eat sweets or otherwise. I feel more in control of my cravings."



Q: I don’t have access to a gym. Will this work for me?


A: You do not need access to a gym to do these workouts. In fact, I have designed them specifically to be done in your own home with minimal equipment. If you prefer to do them at your gym though, that is all good too.

Q: How many times a week do I need to work on your program?

A: There are 4 main full body/core workouts each week that are the "bread and butter" of the program. There are also 2 "bonus" cardio workouts each week that are optional. Some clients choose to do all 6 and others do 4 depending on their schedules. I designed it this way to give the program the flexibility that a busy life requires.

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: The workouts take between 30-40 minutes depending on the program for the day and how quickly you move through the exercises. They are meant to be short and sweet so you can get in, get out and get on with your day!

Q: What type of equipment do I need?

A: All the workouts can be completed at home or in a gym if you prefer. If you are at home, you will need some equipment. These can be purchased at most big box stores or Specialty Fitness stores.


-Dumbbells (recommend a range from 5-25lbs but this varies with each individual…don’t stress if you don’t have it all. Powerblocks are a great tool since they include a large range of weights all in one small package. No weight rack needed


-Stability ball


-Resistance bands with handles (I recommend 1 heavy, 1 light)

Q: I haven't worked out in a long time. Is this program Ok for me to start?

A: Welcome back to exercise and YES of course! The workouts come with videos that explain how to do the exercises as well as modifications or even advanced options. You can start off with the beginner options and advance as your body gets stronger (and it will!!) If you're struggling with anything, you can email me any time or send a message out to the Facebook group...they are a helpful bunch.


Q: What if I need to move my workouts to a different day?

A: I am so glad you asked! The workouts can and SHOULD be moved around to accommodate your schedule. The plan needs to fit YOUR life in order for you to stick with it. 

Q: Do I have to count calories or macros?

A: Nope you don't! The meal plan is based on eating as much real, nutrient dense food as possible and minimizing processed foods. When you're eating food that your body knows how to digest in the proper portion sizes there is no need to worry about numbers. I will teach you about macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) AND teach you about proper portion sizes but I like to keep it really simple. Just eat real food and it will all come out in the wash!

Q: Do I have to follow the meal plan?

A: The program works best when the meal plan is followed as closely as possible however, you can make adjustments to make the program work better for you. I will teach you strategies throughout the program on how to plan your meals and snacks, using the meal plan as guideline. My goal is to educate you on how food can help us feel and look our best AND to make it work in YOUR life.

Q: I will be away for some of the program. Can I still join?

A: Absolutely!  Life doesn't stop because you've joined our program. We will provide you with Travel Ready Workouts using your bodyweight or the resistance band so you can still stay on track with your workouts while you are away.

The next round of Fit in 6 starts on May 23- Jul 3rd


Early Bird rate $127 plus HST until May 11th at 9pm

Regular $157 plus HST

Registration closes Thurs May 18 at 9pm

Still have questions? No problem! Get in touch with us here and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.