Hey there Mama! Does this sound familiar? 

When you became a Mom, your health and fitness got put on the back burner ...


Everything you do is for everyone else and there is very little time for you.


By the time you get a few minutes to yourself, you just wanna watch Netflix and have everybody leave you the alone. The idea of a workout at the end of the day is honestly overwhelming. 

But here's the thing...You aren't happy with how you look or feel. You feel tired all the time, and you long for the days when you felt strong and fit and healthy.

I totally feel you and I have been there!

As a Personal Trainer and Mom of 2 small boys, I know firsthand what it’s like to juggle work, mommin’ and oh yeah, trying to stay fit. After my second son was born I was exhausted, depressed and couldn't stop crying. My battery was dead and my days were pretty dark.

It took time but I slowly pulled myself out of the darkness the only way I knew how.  I put myself back on the list again.  I created short "nap time" workouts 4-5 times a week and started eating real food that gave me energy and boosted my mood.

Yes I lost the 35 lbs of baby weight but more importantly, I started to feel like myself again. I'm not going to tell you that it happened overnight. It was a process (and still is!) but I'm happy and healthy  and feel like I'm shining my bright light in this world.

Now its my mission to help other burnt out, exhausted Moms to do the same thing. I created the Fit in 6 Challenge to help you not only get fit and strong,but it will also help you feel like YOU again!