Lost the Baby Weight with Online Training

I was four months postpartum and found I wasn't losing my baby weight. People would say "she's your first baby, you'll bounce back no problem!" Unfortunately, the scale wasn't budging and I knew I needed to get my butt in gear. This is where Kim came in very handy! She offered to train me online through her online training program. This was the perfect fit, we live in different cities but I was still able to receive personal training that fit into my maternity leave budget!
I set out a few goals but the main thing was to get back into my old wardrobe. Through this personalized online training program, I was held accountable every work out by checking in and tracking each exercise prescribed by Kim as well as bi-weekly weigh in's and measurements. The support provided by Kim each week helped keep me motivated. The workouts included great videos and descriptions which made you feel like you knew exactly what to do and were never alone. The online training  program is easy to use and a great alternative to personal training. It worked for me!


Down 10 lbs and 12 inches

I have worked with Kim’s plans for a few months after hitting a plateau losing the baby weight from baby #3. Since then I’m down the last 10lbs, and have dropped over 12 inches. My clothes fit again, there is a spring in my step and I have my confidence from before my son back. So many people have noticed the difference, and it makes me feel great. I even have muscles now in places I didn’t know could get muscles! My favourite part about online training is how easily it fits into my life. I’m a busy mom of three, who works full time, and this works for me. I can workout at whatever time works for me, even during my kids swimming lessons, and I’m always challenged. You have to be able to push yourself without someone there, but you know that Kim is checking up and that helps me give that extra push whenever I want to just stop and not try for one more rep.

-Alice Pfeifer Hanov


Recommended by Physiotherapist

I have been working with Kim since my son was 4 months old. We started with a mommy fitness class, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to start personal training with her.  I am so impressed with her professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to her clients that I have recommended several of my patients to start working with her.  I love Kim's awareness of good form and posture during exercises, and how she tailors each program specific to each client. The online training program was super easy to use, I could work out at home which made it very convenient and Kim kept modifying my program so I never lost interest.  I highly recommend Kim and her online training program!

-Kathleen, Physiotherapist


Having a plan made all the difference

My favourite part about the Online Fitness Coaching with Kim was the flexibility to work out on a schedule that was most convenient. It allowed me to look ahead, see approximately what amount of time I needed for each workout and plan my week accordingly.  I am a plan ahead kind of person so having that information, knowing the expectations, really helped. The workouts are tailored to the person so they feel much more personal and purposeful.  Knowing that each workout is targeting what I want to work on was very motivating. She is great to work with because she is so positive. Let’s face it, with working out and watching what we eat we all need work! Kim is great at nudging and tweaking in such an encouraging way, you cannot help but want to try harder for her!  Combining nutrition and workouts, Kim helped me lose 8 lbs and fit into my favourite pair of jeans with room to spare! I would absolutely recommend My Fit Coach to anyone, whether they are just losing that last 10 lbs or wanting to achieve bigger goals - she is a great fitness coach.


Kim makes the workouts fun

Kim is a wonderful trainer who meets me where I'm at and pushes me to meet my goals. She is always in the process of changing things up - discovering new and fun ways to help me increase my strength. Whether we are working on an upper/lower body split or a kettle bell routine, I always get a well rounded workout. Kim uses her knowledge and creativity (and sometimes a little Salt-N- Pepa) to keep me moving, and keep the workout fun yet effective. I am always motivated to get to the gym because Kim makes that workout fun. 


Designs safe and effective workouts for all levels 

I met Kim when she was the instructor of the Mommy and Me fitness class I attended over 3 years ago with my first baby, and I signed up right away for the same class when I had my second. Kim is a terrific fitness trainer. She is very motivating and positive.  What I like best is that she offers variations on each exercise to provide both advanced and basic options to tailor to each individual’s current fitness level. She is also aware of body mechanics and corrects form to prevent injuries. I was impressed at her knowledge of potential post-partum issues (e.g., diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, etc.); the education she provides to participants; and her incorporation of kegels and core activation when completing exercises. I would definitely recommend her services to others.

-Lydia, Registered Physical Therapist


Dropped The Baby Weight

I started working with Kim following my second pregnancy to achieve my weight loss and overall fitness goals.  In a short time I have seen amazing results working with Kim.  She keeps my programs interesting, keeps me accountable and most importantly helps me stay motivated when I feel like giving up.  I still have a ways to go but am confident I can reach my goals with Kim's expertise and support.  



Mom and Baby Fitness Class is a Hit 

You have no idea how much this class has meant to us. Not only is it a mat-leave-must for getting the pre-baby body back but we have met some amazing moms and babies who we will cherish as our babies grow old together.

-Shannon and Caydence


Exercise Helped a Painful Injury 

I was quite overweight and had severe osteoarthritis pain in my knee so was convinced I could not work out. After working with Kim, I now do strength training 3 times a week and am walking twice a week - I have gone from ten minutes of painful walking to a brisk 35 minute 11/4 mile!